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Cheryl R. Chandler, M.A., CRC
American Board of Vocational Expe

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Training On-site Presentations:


* Beneficial to business owners, safety managers, department supervisors, and staff.
* Presentations can be tailored to your specific targeted population.
* Presentation time: 1-1.5 hours.
* Benefits: Direct feedback and live exchange of practical ergonomic guidelines. The information presented is approximately one hour not including the question & answer exchange.
* Helpful to the front-line supervisors tasked with monitoring and reducing injuries.
* Helpful to the computer user in being more conscious and active in injury prevention.
* Focus on major risk factor of vision, frequency, force, contact pressure, awkward positioning, and fatigue. 

On-line Course:


The online course is available per-person for a one time cost of $50.00. Please email inquiries regarding this feature.
* Beneficial to individuals concerned about their own work space. Allow one hour to review to go through.
* Benefits: The on-line course is designed for:
- The busy individual who may not have time to attend a seminar.
- The computer user concerned about their own work space.
- The safety supervisor or HR representation charged with monitoring the risks of injury for their company.
- Past seminar attendees who want a refresher course. 

On-site Ergonomics Lab:

 - Chairs by BodyBilt, RFM, Neutral Posture, Humanscale, ECD, RFM and Office Master Chair samples
- Keyboards by Goldtouch, Microsoft and Kenesis

- Adjustable height tables by WorkRite Sierra adjustable height table and ISE products
- Mice or pointing devise by Kensington Trackball, Humanscale Switch mouse, Contour Right or left hand mouse size specific, Contour Rollerbar mice (Pro, Free 2 and R:ed) and Emotion roller bar
- Document Holders by VuRyte and 3-M document holders
- Arm pads to retro fit chair: Contour Perflex Gel Arm caps
- Computer eye wear by Gunner Optiks eye wear
- Keyboard trays available by Humanscale, Workrite, and Grand Stands
- Monitor arms by Humanscale and Grand Stands

About Us

 Sample set up of a sit/stand workstation with task lighting, monitor arm, document holder in position to the left and below. Use of laptop often has workers hunching shoulders, leaning forward, and gazing downward affecting the neck and shoulders. The laptop needs a stand, document holder and separate keyboard and mouse. 

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