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Cheryl R. Chandler, M.A., CRC
American Board of Vocational Expe

About Us

Expert Testimony:


* Certified as a Vocational Expert since 1990 with the Social Security Administration.
* Vocational evaluations in divorce, personal injury and civil litigation requires analyzing the factors of age, education, work history, and transferability of skills to aid the trier-of-fact in determination of employability and earning capacity.
* Vocational assessment and testing balanced with functional limitations, if any, to provide logical and credible opinion.
* Knowledgeable regarding computerized transferable skills analysis programs incorporating data into the report along with occupational data bases for the foundation of numbers of jobs and wage information.
* Having worked as a vocational evaluator she is well grounded in standardized testing and assessments

Ergonomic Consulting:


Evaluations include observation of essential job tasks, interview with the employee, and physical measurements of the workstations.
* Standardized methods of ergonomic evaluation are utilized for determining worker to workstation relationships.
* Ms. Chandler provides on site education as part of the ergonomic evaluation.
* She is often able to make immediate adjustments to the existing workstation leading to cost savings and rapid solutions.
* A summary report with recommendations is provided which highlights evaluation findings and specific recommendations to modify work behavior, identify potential risk factors, and specify remedial equipment, if needed.
* Ergonomic lab with equipment samples; chairs, keyboards, mice, footrests, etc. for trial fitting.
* Virtual Evaluations are that: given essential information, photos and measurements, an evaluation can be performed remotely. Videos have also been employed to highlight these reducing cost associated with distance.

Disability Management Services:


* Ergonomic Consulting is an integral part of many early return programs as well as monitoring of medical status.
* By responding at the first sign of symptoms, chronic problems are more successfully addressed.
* A specialist can link employer, employee, physician, and insurance carrier to facilitate better communication and successful results, usually saving time and resources. 

About Us

Vocational Rehabilitation Services:


* Provided full range of vocational services including workers’ compensation, and long term disability evaluations.
* This includes evaluation, testing, counseling and recommendations.
* Job Analyses/ Essential unctions Job Analyses
Ms. Chandler has 30 years experience of performing onsite job analyses as a regular part of vocational rehabilitation services.